Navy SEALs are famous for their success and survival skills in a myriad of environments making them an excellent source of critical advice when it comes to the paralleling practices of peace officers.

Each SEAL strives to incorporate four factors into themselves individually and throughout their institution.

First – Demeanor

Confidence and poise are traits each member contributes to the team. Together Each Accomplishes More is the completed acronym of military might, and a worthy foundation for peace officer functioning.

Second – Trust

Every SEAL believes they are supported by their teammate. The “got your back” culture is consistent throughout the training and evaluation process. This unquestioned loyalty can have only one outcome . . . success!

Third – Comprehensive Training

. Training should be individualized but universal. In this manner every officer shares in the effort as well as the success. Peace officers, like the SEALs, should be concerned that all officers get the training they need and develop their own specific team talents. Every member should be praised for asking questions and seeking guidance . . . it encourages us all.

Fourth – Interchangeability

Regardless of being in an environment surrounded by inmates, or facing the loneliness of the patrol; fulfilling the “mission” or completing the assignment requires caring and sharing the responsibilities of all.

This similarity of process and product is not without merit. We too are striving to supplement our spirit, improve our performance and safeguard our responses. In fact, most communities have their own version of SEALs already sworn to serve 24 – 7!

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