Mission Statement of the Peace Officers Association of Georgia


    • To establish and promote professional networking and fellowship among the peace officers of Georgia (this build relationships and creates environments where information is shared and ideas are developed to promote effective public safety)


    • To provide for and encourage the education and training of peace officers improve the profession through development of character, education and practical skills (The professional growth and development of a peace officer is an investment today that will pay our state tremendous dividends in the future)


    • To promote the concept of Intelligence Led Policing (The management philosophy and business model that uses information and data to prevent, mitigate and eliminate crime with proactive strategies)


    • To promote research to develop evidence-based police practices (Scientific research that promotes the use of best practices to incorporate into policy, strategy and tactics)


    • To improve and extend the service rendered by its members to the people of Georgia and its subdivisions including through education regarding crime prevention methods and practices (Collaborations with the public and private sector stakeholders)


    • To establish literary and historical records regarding Georgia peace officers


    • To provide scholarships for officers and their family members


    • To provide a death benefit for officers’ beneficiaries when financially feasible


We will achieve this mission by:


    • Initiating, endorsing and supporting legislation beneficial to the peace officer community and the citizens of the state of Georgia.


    • Maintaining a strong professional organization open to federal, state and local peace officers irrespective of rank, position, or the size of their department.


    • Providing worthwhile benefits and services to our members, which will assist them in providing for their families, enforcing the law, and maintaining a free and open society.


    • Fostering an esprit de corps among our membership by:
        • Encouraging and supporting networking activities
        • Recognizing those who have served “above and beyond
        • Memorializing those who have fallen


  • Ensuring that educational standards, ethics, and training for peace officers continue to be elevated, promoted, and adhered to.