Let me take this opportunity to thank the Peace Officers Association of Georgia for the privilege and opportunity to present thoughts, techniques , and issues of relevance to contemporary peace officers throughout the State of Georgia.

Since 1966 I was a police officer, trainer, college professor, and expert witness. 1970 began my instructional career at the University of Illinois Police Training Institute. The Institute was the premier training facility for both police and jail officers since 1955. During decades of service to the Illinois citizens I have authored or co-authored 7 texts, numerous articles on policing and corrections, and continue to be recognized for my expertise on force utilization, strategies and tactics, and policies and procedures in both areas of the criminal justice system.

Following my retirement in 2000 I have continued to provide instructional services on related subjects throughout the world.

My interest in the POAG began several years ago when presented with the opportunity to discover the existing services and extensive history of the organization. It clearly represented the principles, purposes, and services peace officers desire and deserve.

So too, it became the source I had sought to “pass it on” with a forum for function. Its depth and breath acted as catalysis of concern and compassion for all officers regardless of their occupational environment.

This opportunity will provide readers with weekly topics that hopefully will stimulate and encourage. It is a place for expression and vision open to any peace officer with the desire to inform and improve our occupation.

For more information on the site or the prospects it presents, please contact me at

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