We’re going to engage in an activity everyone has looked forward to since we first went to school, determining the grade we should receive. The subject matter is our occupation, and the source of our scores will be the greatest critic of all . . .ourselves!

Take the time to answer objectively knowing YOU are the person with the only correct answer !

The questions come from your colleagues, partners, leaders, and those you have sworn to protect. The grade is your choice, 1 (poorest, least prepared, etc.) and 5 (best, most prepared, etc.), any numbers in between are just degrees of gradation.

Question # 1-Are you confident and competent in your occupational skills?
1      2      3      4      5

Question # 2 – How well have you kept complacency from creeping into your contacts and duties?
1      2      3      4      5

Question # 3 – Do you perform in a professional manner while engaging in your occupational choice?
1      2      3      4      5

Question # 4 – What grade would the rest of society give you for your daily performance?
1      2     3      4      5

Question # 5 – What grade do you give the majority of the rest of your agency?
1      2      3      4      5

Now add up your score. 5 for 5 is the result we desire and deserve.

Did you “make the grade” or is there a deficit in yourself or others we must challenge and change?

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