I’m sure you have all heard this frustrated refrain when we are immersed with others while confronting a contemporary issue. The irony emerges when we realize that the flowing ease of the statement is indicative of a defeatist attitude sometimes even before any effort toward solution, much less a reasonable resolution.

In other words, perhaps our contacts and even our own colleagues could care less! The real worry is not for just the individual temperament, but more for the institution they represent. They may be our future and contribute much to our function. What if this is the mood that infects the message and means?

Is it any wonder that we are in a state of contemporary crisis? We could be lead by those already defeated and surrounded by those who have already surrendered!

Accepting things as they seem prevents any effort of perseverance toward progress. During these times declared meanwhile by many officers when we are second guessed, unappreciated, disrespected, and even ignored; perhaps part of the problem is voiced regularly via these five disgusting words .

Once again, the “uncommon man” must emerge in each of us and push us past the reluctance and absence of will. We must continue to struggle for success, and not let failure become our first or worse, final impulse.

I’m enthusiastic about this new quest for transparency. I feel that society must see the “real world” we face day after day, hour after hour, shift after shift, incident after incident.

In fact, it may be meanwhile, but it might also be meaningful, if we can persuade those that we have sworn to serve and protect that the challenges present opportunities.

As so often is the case, it begins with us!

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