Of all the advice ever given to me by my father, one example is worthy of sharing with professional peace officers. In one of his moments of providing warning and wisdom he stated, “Never give up an opportunity to say nothing!”

Unfortunately, at the time the information was exchanged it was immediately ignored and was classified in my mind as senseless. Long after that interaction I became a police officer and the merit of the message seemed to have increased in value.

Now, long after my retirement, I think back to the times as a recruit when I would ask a senior officer something and wished I hadn’t. Or when I remember making a statement on my way out the door on a domestic case that had reached a state of resolution, only to be re-instigated by my comment. Or the times I testified in court or being deposed and just had to add something additional.

So too, after nearly 50 years of marriage the advice has shown its value again and again in the interpersonal process and products of raising a family.

I often wonder if somehow he knew what my future choices would be in terms of career or spousal choice. Maybe he realized then what his father once told him, and keeping one’s mouth shut may have been great advice throughout the ages!

Someone once said that the best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others. Perhaps my own skills in this area will be enhanced by my sharing of the thought.