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  • When Citizens Become Civilians

    Have you noticed how certain terms change once you become a peace officer? The “us against them”’ mentality or format begins to invade our perception and personality. Individuals go from […]

  • Own Worst Enemy

    We already work in an environment where foes may out number friends, but the evolution into an actual enemy is one of our least desired goals. And yet, many times […]

  • Surviving Shift Work

    In our field, shift work is part of life. It is the inevitable consequence of offering services 24-7. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common in our […]

  • It’s Chemistry Not Character

    So says Patrick Kennedy in his new book on his family, providing a personal performance perspective for all of us when dealing with individuals within our environmental duties who have […]

  • Making The Grade

    MAKING THE GRADE We’re going to engage in an activity everyone has looked forward to since we first went to school, determining the grade we should receive. The subject matter is […]

  • Fatherly Advice

    FATHERLY ADVICE Of all the advice ever given to me by my father, one example is worthy of sharing with professional peace officers. In one of his moments of providing warning and […]

  • It Is…What It Is

    IT IS . . . WHAT IT IS I’m sure you have all heard this frustrated refrain when we are immersed with others while confronting a contemporary issue. The irony emerges when […]

  • Microsleep: Another Peace Officer Peril

    MICROSLEEP: ANOTHER PEACE OFFICER PERIL Few would debate the environment of risk in which we engage on a daily basis. The dangers and threats are obvious to all. However, one of […]

  • Teambuilding Tips From The SEALS

    TEAMBUILDING TIPS FROM THE SEALS Navy SEALs are famous for their success and survival skills in a myriad of environments making them an excellent source of critical advice when it comes […]

  • Meet Greg Connor

    Meet Greg Connor

    MEET GREG CONNOR Let me take this opportunity to thank the Peace Officers Association of Georgia for the privilege and opportunity to present thoughts, techniques , and issues of relevance to contemporary peace […]