General, Executive, & CIT Session

Savannah C, D, Oglethorpe A & B, Franklin and Pulaski
August 20 – 22, 2018

Monday, August 20, 2018

8 am – 10 am Legal Update Dale Mann, Retired Director of GPSTC Savannah C
8 am – 5 pm Mental Health First Aid Andy Garner & William Anastasio, GPSTC Franklin
8 am – 10 am Use of Drones in Investigations Major Chuck Simmons, Henry Co PD Oglethorpe A/B
10 am – 12 pm Drugs and the Impact on Communities Deneen Kilcrease and ASAC Klay Kilcreaase, GBI Savannah C
10 am – 12 pm Legal Update on Mental Health Statutes ASAC John Durden, GBI Oglethorpe A/B
10 am – 12 pm Contextual Complexities in LE Management Prof. Butch Beach, Point University Savannah D
12 pm – 1 pm Lunch Ballroom B
1 pm – 3 pm Introduction to Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events SFC. Gary Langford, GSP Savannah C
1 pm – 3 pm Officer Self-Care William Anastasio, GPSTC Oglethorpe A/B
1 pm – 3 pm P.O.S.T. Update Regarding Hiring, Retention, and Officer Involved Shooting Inquiries Dir. Ryan Powell, P.O.S.T. Savannah D
3 pm – 5 pm Responding to an Active Edged Weapons Event Manager Glyn Corbitt, GPSTC Savannah C
3 pm – 5 pm De-escalation-Inside & Out, Street Experience Faye Spalding, Barrow SO Robie Cochran, Athens-Clarke Co PD Oglethorpe A/B

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
8 am – 10 am Competency to Stand Trial – What it Takes Darcy Shores, Dir. Comm. Forensic Svc. Savannah C
8 am – 10 am Kids in Crisis & Trauma Jewell Gooding, Exec. Dir. Of Mental Health America Georgia Oglethorpe A/B
8 am – 10 am Is Your Agency a Learning Agency? Chief Deputy Garry Moore Muscogee County Marshall’s Office Savannah D
9 am – 10am Peer Support ASAC Wes Horne, GBI Pulaski
10 am – 11 am Human Performance SA Jerry Jones, GBI Pulaski
10 am – 12 pm Orlando in Crisis, the Pulse Investigation Det. Pablo Quinones, Orlando PD, FL Savannah C
10 am – 12 pm Recruitment and Retention Asst. Exec. Director Dwayne Orrick, GA Assoc. Of Chiefs of Police Savannah D
11 am – 12 pm A Child Abuse Case Study: From Dusk to Daylight SA Leigh Brooks, GBI Pulaski
12 pm – 1 pm Lunch Savannah B
1 pm – 3 pm Update on Search and Seizure Laws ASAC John Durden, GBI Savannah C
1 pm – 3 pm Georgia’s New CIT 911 Operator’s Course Michael Nix, Executive Director GA. Director Cheryl Greathouse, GPSTC Oglethorpe A/B
3 pm – 5 pm Use of Force and De-escalation Manager Chadd Wilson, GPSTC Savannah C

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
8 am – 10 am Body Linguistics SA Josh Alford, GBI Savannah C
10 am – 12 pm Community Oriented Policing ASAC John Durden, GBI Savannah C