The Publisher welcomes editorial submissions to THE GEORGIA PEACE OFFICER magazine, and will consider articles, artwork, and photographs from interested parties on the basis of merit and appropriateness.
Preferably, articles should be typed, double- or triple-spaced. Please follow commonly accepted rules of punctuation and capitalization; the editors reserve the right to edit manuscripts to conform to the style specific to this publication. The Publisher can convert most word-processing software as necessary. Please note the name of the word-processing program you are using with your submission, and include paper copies.
To assure high quality print production, black-and-white photographs printed on glossy paper are preferred, but good quality color photographs printed on glossy paper can be used. Digital photos, unless of very high resolution, usually reproduce poorly. Any digital photo file with a jpg or jpeg extension is a low-resolution photo file and meant to be viewed on a computer screen. Digital photos for print production should be scanned at 300 dpi.

Please direct any questions and submit editorial material to the Publisher in care of: Peace Officers Association of Georgia, P.O. Box 1040, Reidsville, GA 30453.